Entry Form


As of March 7th 2019 we have introduced a new Entry system which will provide the same functionality but with a new look.

This new system has also been developed with mobile devices in mind and ease of entry. Your athletes are now stored against your user account, so no need to re-enter your athletes for each competition.

The old system required no login, however to provide users with a better experience we now request that you register to use this system. Unlike other systems, we only ask for your email address in order to register.

When you follow the link to the new site, you will notice there is a user guide and a support system should you have any issues during your entry.

We hope you like the new system as much as we do and look forward to an exciting 2019 when we plan even more enhancements to make entering athletics events even better.

E4S Team

Click here to go to the new Entry Form

Some of the functionality of the New system. Some points are specific to the organiser.

  • E4S has very simple user registration. We don’t ask athletes for every piece of information, most not required for entering unlike other systems. An email address and Username is all we ask.
  • Add athletes to your user profile so they are always available to select from without having to re-enter their information each time you visit the site.
  • Basket facility. Make one transaction for multiple athletes across multiple competitions.
  • Once you have selected a competition and athlete, the system generates a bespoke schedule for the athlete. We don’t believe any other system does this. This means less administration for organisers i.e no checking the athletes have entered the correct events and then worrying about refunds e.t.c
  • Bespoke schedules are based on the athletes gender and age and disability.
  • Events run over multiple days
  • Events can be defined as being available only to a certain age group, gender, disability classification or a combination of all three.
  • Rule based events. The system is capable of disabling events based on other events entered, Maximum event limit reached for athlete, event full.
    E.g If a seated disabled athlete is selected, then standard throwing events are not shown, EA rules for U13 and 800, 1500 and mile in 1 competition. If you run more than 1 of these events and an U13 enters 1 then the other 2 can be disabled if this is your requirement. Other competition specific rules are also catered for.
  • Age Upscaling. The system can be configured to allow one or more age groups to take part in another event for a different age group ( e.g an U11 can run in an U13 race)
  • Automatic event closures if Maximum athletes for the event has been specified
  • Multiple prices. You decide the pricing structure. The system can handle different prices for gender, age groups, specific events or again a combination of any of these.
  • Prices can have early bird dates applied if required. E.g before Day A the price is £x, after Day A the price is £y
  • Price Discounts are also supported. E.g first event £x and the rest are £y for each athlete. This discount is by value or percentage.
  • Event prices can simply be seen as you require or can show our fee separate
  • Relay teams are supported with minimum and maximum athletes allowed in each team.
  • Multiple events. The standard Hep/Pent/Decathlon events or any other multiple events you wish such as a quad for u11 as an example. With PB’s for the multiple event and the individual events.
  • No fixed event. The system handles any event you want to run. E.g Egg and Spoon race if that’s what you want to run.
  • Each event can validate a PB for the event if required. E.g we don’t let an athlete enter a pb for the 100m of < 9 secs or greater than 30 secs( or any value we set as the minimum or maximum )
  • For an event, we allow athletes to enter their pb in the correct format. Eg in the 400, they can enter either in seconds or minutes and seconds.
  • Secondary Spend. If you wish to run an event such as a 10k and want to sell t-shirts for this event, this is also supported. Secondary spend items are defined per event/competition so not fixed to simply t-shirts e.t.c
  • Real time Entry list with multiple filters available to the public
  • Organiser report available from the time entries open and is refreshed every hour including Bib number allocation.
  • Responsive Entry system. Available on any device from mobile to PC/laptop.
  • Support ticket system for athletes to rise queries.